Signal Inputs

Output Characteristics

 Input Channels: Four, any can be either control or monitor.

 Output Signal: Continuous Gaussian random drive.

 Input Sensitivity: Settable from 5 to 1000 mV/g, 20 Vp-p max input.

 Drive Level: 16 Vp-p or 3 Vrms maximum.

 Current Sources: Four,4 ma each input, 18 VDC compliance, software selectable.

 Peak Limiting: User settable from 1 to 4 clipping ratio.

 Dynamic Range: > 60 dB.

Control Characteristics

 Control Modes: Single channel, Extremal, or Average.

Test Article Protection

 Control Channels: One, two, three, or four.

 Abort / Alarm Limits: User selectable from 3 dB to 99 dB.

 Frequency Ranges: 2.5-500 Hz, 5-1000 Hz, and 10-2000 Hz.

 Overall Limits: Overall D, V, and A limits settable by user.

 Spectral Resolution: 400 lines.

 Control Signal Loss: Open loop and low gain detector check.

 Control Profiles: Up to 32 breakpoints; profiles may be saved and recalled from disk.

 Pretest Limits: Settable by user.

 Control Accuracy: +/- 1 dB typical.

 Equalization: Low level equalization of system.

 Loop Time: < 3 seconds for analysis and correction.

 Manual Abort: From keyboard, mouse, or optional remote panel.

 Equalization Time: < 10 seconds for full correction of 10-dB change.

 Remote Control (optional): Inputs for Start, Pause, Resume, and Abort; 5-volt logic activated by switch closure to ground.

 Analysis Windowing: None, Hamming, Hanning, or Blackman selectable.

 Units: English or Metric.

Test Documentation: Any of the following plots can be stored on disk or printed out in color or monochrome.

 Reference Spectrum: The control profile that was entered in.

 Drive Output: Spectrum of controller drives output signal.

 Abort Limits: Upper and lower abort limits lines.

 Waveform: Oscilloscope type plot of any channel-input waveforms.

 Control/Monitor Channels: Four, any or all channel response spectrums.