VTS - with more than fifty years experience in the vibration industry, has gained a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of electrodynamic vibration testing equipment known for:

 High reliability

 Ease of use

 Reasonable pricing

The DVC-4 is the next generation vibration controller from VTS. Building upon our field-proven Digital Vibration controllers. The DVC-4 was created to give the customer 4 channels of control and to deal with the phasing out of ISA slots in today's PC. We have put the circuitry in an external box and interface with the PC through a single PCI I/O card.

 Your PC is transformed into a 'virtual instrument' with the screen showing panel functions with which you are familiar.

 Computer Requirements: Pentium 70 or better with VGA display, 16 Mb ram , 6 Mb of hard disk space and one free PCI slot. A Pentium 166 and 32 Mb ram recommended.

 Parameters of the test profile (or sweep) and system response are displayed for convenient test monitoring

 Power Requirements: Powered by computer bus, < 10 W required.

 Test profiles and test results can be stored, and hard copies can be printed

 Size: Controller Box- 1.5" H x 7.25" W x 15" D, PCI card- 4.5" x 4.5".

 Incorporates constant current source for accelerometers with built-in charge converter

 Connection: Via DB-37 connectors and cable from computer to controller box and BNC connectors to signals. Optional remote control connections via 6 pin Molex connector.

 English and metric units selection

 On-line manual in Help screen

 Selectable abort limits protect the test item

 Operation by mouse or keyboard

 Demo mode for training use

The digital package is programmed for Windows and will operate any vibration system. The package includes: Controller box with PCI I/O card and connecting DB-37 cable and installation software.

A Demo is available for download here!

For specifications: