Output Characteristics:

Input Characteristics:

 Output Signal: 1024 point filtered analog drive waveform.

 Input Channels: One control / monitor channel.

 Drive Level: 16 V peak-to-peak maximum.

 INPUT SENSITIVITY: Settable from 5 to 1000 mV/g, 20 V peak-to-peak max input.

 Peak Limiting: User settable from 0 to 16 V peak-to-peak.

 Current Sources: One 4 MA, 18 VDC compliance, software selectable.

 Dynamic Range: > 60 dB.

Control Characteristics:

 Waveforms: Half-sine, triangle, trapezoidal, rectangular, initial or terminal peak sawtooth, quarter-sine, or parabolic cusp.

 Pulse Profiles: Up to 99 shock profiles may be saved and recalled from disk.

 Waveform Generation: 12 bit x 1024 points with 12 bit amplitude scaling.

 Control Accuracy: +/- 1 dB typical.

 Pulse Duration: 1 to 100 Msec.

 Sampling Frequency: 1.28 kHz to 10.24 kHz.

 Modes: Single pulse or repetitive pulses, with settable pulse count and rep rate.

 Equalization Time: < 10 seconds for low level equalization of system transfer function.

 Test Level: 0.5 to 200 G-peak.

 Remote Control (Optional): Inputs for Equalization, Pretest, Start, and Abort; 5-volt logic levels activated by switch closure to ground.

 Polarity: Positive or negative pulses.

Test Article Protection:

Test Documentation: Any of the following screens can be viewed or printed out on a printer:

 Abort / Alarm Limits: User selectable from 1 dB to 99 dB.

 Test Profile: Control profile and predicted velocity and displacement

 Overall Limits: Overall D, V, A limit's settable by user.

 Equalized System Response: Response acceleration, velocity and displacement.

 Control Signal Loss: Open loop detector check.

 Drive Output: Output analog drive waveform of card.

 Manual Abort: From mouse, keyboard or optional remote panel.

 Shock Response Spectrum: Equivalent response of a single degree of freedom system to the acceleration spectrum.

 Equalization: Low level equalization of system.

 Pretest Limits: Settable by user.